Thursday, September 1, 2011

FO: Make Up Your Mind Tank

I finished something! It's been a rare for me to finish something larger than a dishcloth lately, so I'm pretty excited to share my finished Make Up Your Mind Tank:

The result isn't 100% perfect (there are some mistakes in the lace pattern that I didn't notice until I'd joined the straps) but this is the first wearable FO (Finished Object) that I've made. That is - I might actually wear this. Maybe.

All the mistakes are, sadly, in the front, so let me show you the back! It turned out great!

Forgive the styling here and the few strings you might see - I was excited to show a finished project and still have to weave in a few ends. Now it's time to start Holiday Knittery 2011. I know you're excited.

First up is a cardigan for the Boyfriend's darling goddaughter. The pattern is the Maile Sweater and it looks like this:
Cute, right?
Part of the joy of holiday knittingis getting rid of the yarn I've over-indulged in during the year. That is the case with this sweater - I ordered the wrong color of yarn for the endless cardigan project I never finished and just held onto it.

Mine looks like this. Well, actually, that's a misstatement. This is the worst possible picture of the project at the moment, but I have to have SOMETHING to show you:

Pretty? Ugly? or Pretty Ugly?
The yarn is way less obnoxious than that, even though I'm still not 100% sold on it. I need more than just the border to know for sure... Jingle Bellz,  ya'll.

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