Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Project Update

Let's keep it short and to the point. It's Friday, and we all have things we'd rather be doing.

I stayed up insanely late seaming together parts of That Damn Sweater and there's still a ton of work to do... like, for example... finishing the second sleeve:

Sweater sez hai

I'm hoping blocking this guy out will cover up a few puckers here and there. And don't worry - those pockets ain't done.

Are you familiar with Pinterest? It will ruin change your life. Lots of beautiful ideas and inspirations that you can collect on a virtual pin board and pretend like you're really going to do them in real life because you are insanely wealthy. The Do It Yourself projects, however, seem so reasonable, so cheep and so fun that they have gotten into my brain and I can't let them go. So, you'll get treated to some of these crazier whims here on Knittery, you luck ducks!

The most recent whim was to make yarn out of old teeshirts. It's pretty simple, but be aware, there will be lint EVERYWHERE once you get started. My first attempt ended up as this:

This is crochet and not knitting, just as an FYI. This will only matter to .05% of people, but it's worth noting in case you're curious. It's not much, but I think with a bit of Rit dye, this could turn into a legit rug. If you'll permit me a small rant, there are some things in life I find to be outrageously overpriced and I get very angry every time I have to shell out hard earned money for them. In particular, the following three annoy me the most: 1) breakfast cereal 2) razor blades and 3) floor rugs. Now, I know one of these things is not like the other, but when you have a stubbern, old, sheddy dog who pees in your house if the weather isn't nice, you go through floor rugs and corn flakes at about the same rate. The rugs start smelling like corn chips or old accidents, which means my home and therefore *I* smell like corn chips and old accidents. I'm blessed with a sensitive nose, so I can nip this oder problem in the bud before anyone can judge me too harshly, but I've gone through my fair share of carpets.

Therefore, I am resolved to find a semi-good looking & cheap alternative to the ol' Ikea special. and this might just do it. If I can just get over my fear of dying fabric, this might be a success. Oh, and get my hands on about a zillion more tee shirts.

In closing, I'm back to work on the Reverse Engineer hat. I dropped a bunch of stitches and got a little mad at it, so it need to be put it aside for a while. But we're back on track and should finish it up soon-ish:

Hat's off
Aaaanyways, that's wassup. Enjoy your weekend! I know I will:

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