Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion Plait and Poor Photography

I had a marathon evening of Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras last night. I am not proud of this but this is what I have been reduced to watching as I start more and more knitting projects. But who isn't on pins and needles wondering if Candy Apples Dance Studio is going to steal Abby Lee's 'national titles'? We all are, I'm sure.

Such mind-numbing television is served well by very fast projects. This can only mean one thing: Big Needles and Thick Yarn! The pattern Anthropologie Inspired Braided Headwrap was perfectly suited for this purpose. I started off with some alpaca yarn that was just too thin and switched to some ancient Lion Brand Think & Quick I had laying around from the first ugly beret I ever attempted.

The original inspiration:
Expert Photography
The result of an evening tuned to Lifetime:
Poor Photography
A note about my photos: I did a horrible job trying to take a picture of this thing. You can't really see the braid unless I make it black and white. Maybe if I took two seconds to take my earphones out and set a timer, things would be more aesthetically pleasing for you. Instead, I took a series of awkward photographs that poorly illustrate an evening's worth of work:

Fashion Plait
Exhibit A
A delightfully half-assed smile, out of focus and no detail whatsoever on the headband. What a pro!

Exhibit B
Out of focus, in a MIRROR, random closet items in the background and troll-like posture due to the fact that I'm taller than the aforementioned mirror. What is this, a mail-order bride posting on Craigslist? Way to class up the internet, Doog!

And always the headphones - believe it or not, I forgot I was wearing them. Delightful, polished presentation from start to finish. That's why you click these hallowed links - I've got your number, reader.

Aaaaanyway, this is another potential Christmas gift. Is this still considered cute? Would you wear it?

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