Thursday, September 25, 2014

Holla Knits Blog Tour: Knitting Velma

The Holla Knits Blog Tour is stopping by to say hello!

This is the third Holla Knits collection I've been involved with as a test knitter. I was first introduced to Velma (the pattern, that is. I made the cat's acquaintance before this collection) through a sketch that Allyson sent my way. I took one look at the chevron stitch pattern and the unique construction and I was fully on board.

Picking out the yarn was another fun project. Allyson has chosen Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed in the gorgeous Brass Heather colorway, so we knew we knew something darker would be a smart choice. It would show off the versatility of the pattern and hopefully give future knitters a starting point for color inspiration! I've worked with 
Knits in Class yarn before after winning a giveaway a few years ago and I love Kate's colors! We went with Ruby, a beautifully saturated red-purple. Kate even had the graciousness to send it pre-wound! That's some major knitting good karma.

I was so looking forward to getting started, this project practically cast itself on my needles. The chevron stitch pattern was pretty intuitive after an inch or so.

I had planned on being super-diligent about taking progress photos, but I just couldn't stop knitting this thing. The rest of the sweater came together in a flash! I love the seam in the back where the two sides are joined together. It's a slight bit of visual interest and it's somehow makes the sweater lay beautifully. 

That back, tho
Did I mention this thing is crazy flattering? Wearing it makes me feel like one million bucks! I can't wait to see more people cast this baby on - join the Velma revolution, y'all.

Just look how happy I am!
Want to make a Velma of your own? Duh, of course you do. Comment on this post with color ideas for your version and win a free copy of that pattern!


  1. My wardrobe is filled with reds and deep pinks - I love this ruby color. My other choice would be a dark blue, perhaps in a heather.

  2. I think a dark gray for this pattern would be nice.

  3. Almost everything I own is black, so I'm thinking this in a nice cherry red would complement the blacks very nicely!