Monday, September 23, 2013

Rolling Thunder is Here!

I've had a big summer. I've been crafting, beaching, traveling, celebrating and generally enjoying life. I've also had the opportunity to publish my very first knitting pattern in one of my favorite knitting publications. Featured in Holla Knits Fall/ Winter 2013, I'm pleased to present the Rolling Thunder sweater!

There will be no discussion or acknowledgement about my skills as a model, but I'm so proud of how this sweater turned out! It's a basic yolk sweater with some fun techniques thrown in for good measure. The shoulder details are actually stranded. The yolk is worked in with a wrap & turn at the shoulder so you're knitting on the Right Side and purling on the Wrong Side. The bottom detail is embroidered and is a great way to break up all that stockinette knitting for the body. I like to jump around to different details when I knit - keeps things interesting!

The sample I'm sportin' was made in Knit Picks Brava Sport, which is 100% acrylic. Some people find acrylic irritating, but Brava is super soft and feels great against the skin. Now that fall is in the air, you better believe I'm wearing this sample all around town. 

You can purchase the pattern here for $6.00. It's a bargain and will pay off the first time someone stops you and asks "where'd you get that sweater?"

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