Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sparkle Motion

Although things have been quiet on the blog, I actually have been knitting. Mostly, I've been focused on gifts, which I can't really blog about in advance because I have 8 readers and I'm preeeeetty sure they'd figure it out.

So here's some odds and ends:

Knit Night inspired me to pick up the ol' crochet hook again and I made some granny squares.
I was also inspired by that episode of Call the Midwife where they all frantically patch together a baby blanket for Chummy while waiting for news from the hospital. You're all watching the show, right?

I've also picked up the Sparkle Yarn again for a new purpose. Originally, this was to be used for a Holla Back Tank, but I won't lie to you, gentle reader. The lace defeated me. The time came when I need to to decrease to make the armholes and I had to rip back four different times. I just couldn't take it anymore. I put it in a drawer and declared the project Dead To Me.

But the yarn is just so... mesmerizing. It deserves to be something. Using a modified version of Jilted from Holla Knits, I'm making a little spring sweater that will hopefully make a good addition to the work uniform.

I've taken my sweet time finishing the body, but you know what else has been dragging it's heals? Summer. So, who cares, right? It's going to have short sleeves, so hopefully I'll have results for you in this century. No promises, though!

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  1. I got through about ten and then I was like... "Yeah, I miss knitting" But it's always fun to switch things up now and again! And it's a great way to use up scrap yarn.