Monday, April 23, 2012

The Heartland

Back from a weekend in the Crossroads of America. Spent a thrilling Friday cheering on my sister in the Indiana University Little 500 Race. Her team came in a close second. She had ten family members there, so at the very least, she wins some kind of Supreme title like on Toddlers & Tiaras, no? Miss Best Family Supreme?

Anyway, I'm very proud of her, she's super cool. Only a sophomore and lead the race for two whole laps! I mean, just check this out:
Taken by my cousin

As my brother said in a text message to her: "that's pretty badass".

The rest of my weekend was spent warming up after standing in the rain for an hour and a half in 40 degree weather, visiting with family and starting a new project with my beautiful new madelinetosh sock yarn:

I just LOVE the color and forgot how calming it is to just knit and knit and knit a basic pattern. It's always great to visit the family and have companions for the long car ride. Great way to kick off a new week! Hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend, too. Take it away, Jim!

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