Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dog Post

Progress is slow and steady this week, but the good news is, I do have sleeves!

I'm ignoring the half a million ends this project has created and am just enjoying the color changes and praising the heavens that little kids have such tiny arms.

Mid-week is always a bit scant in the inspiration department, so I took some pictures of my dog! Because that's not dull at all!

This is Droopy. He spent a good 15 minutes arranging those blankets *just so*

Droopy is a real sport, but he's afraid of almost everything. This makes him very snuggly (my kind of dog) but also really nervous when cameras are around. And umbrellas. And balloons. And Starbucks coffee cups rolling around on a sidewalk. And all manner of cleaning equipment. You get the idea. 

Nicely Nested
Silently Annoyed
 He was looking pretty dignified and tolerated me taking some pictures, but I of course captured one of his more unflattering moment for posterity. Sometimes, Droopy gets his jowls caught in his teeth giving him a quasi Elvis/ Bitter Beer Face.

Pucker up!
Happy Wednesday - may your day be more creatively productive than mine!

This movie Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog is officially my pick to win every Oscar ever and made me tear up at lunch. Let's all go see this ASAP, right?

Based on a true story?!?! I can't even...

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