Thursday, October 13, 2011

FO: The Damn Sweater

I had a blast this weekend traveling to Bloomington, IN and taking in the best of IU with my cousins, sister and boyfriend. Lots of adventure, by which I mean, lots of drinking. I'm just now feeling back to normal (seriously). The following photos sum up the weekend nicely:

I think I've made my point
But now that I'm feeling back to normal, I really need to share my big news. I FINSIHED MY NEMISIS SWEATER. That's right, That Damn Sweater has been vanquished. Sadly, I wasted the nice weather we had being outside and whatnot and NOT taking pictures of said item. So, you have to deal with more bad photography. But I'm willing to subject you to that, for I have vanquished:

Ok, lame pose, but it *does* feel like I gave birth to this thing.

And no, I didn't realize the closet door was behind me, ok? And I could have put a little more effort into my hair. But that all must be ignored and we must celebrate, for I have made a sweater. And I will actually wear it. Feels good!

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