Thursday, February 28, 2013


An awesome thing that I found:

Montezuma Sweater
DearGolden is a wonderful vintage shop on Etsy and I love reading their blog posts each day for a little style inspiration.This guy is from the 1970s, kint in acrylic and is only $34. Not too shabby. I love the wave motif at the yolk. Makes me want to throw on some strappy leather sandals and paint in the desert somewhere.

I'm back in a colorwork kind of mood. I hit a snag with my Norwegian boot socks and had to put them aside for a while. The foot of the sock doesn't call for any decreases and therefore turned out kinda... stumpy.

It looks fine from the side:

 But then, Stumpsville:

See what I mean? Just a little too much fabric at the foot to shove into a shoe. I found this frustrating and put the project aside for a while. I've got a new super colorful project in mind, but the yarn is taking foreeeever to get here and I need something to do while I'm waiting. Ripping back and restarting the feet of these socks seemed like a great 'waiting around' project. It's good practice for the new colorwork project I'll be undertaking soon, and I might actually have functional boot socks before winter is over! Who'd have thought?


  1. These are ridiculously cute! The stripes at the top make me think of basketball socks, but then there's all this fair isle coolness that would show at the top of a boot- that's a neat combo, well worth ripping back to fix.

    1. It's funny - I notice a lot of people on Ravelry modify the pattern to make it look less athletic-socky on top. I just liked having stripes in there to break up all that ribbing - NOT my favorite thing.