Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Pressure

I think when I take a while to blog, I feel like it's hard to come back again because I should post a big, long thing full of pictures and stories. But, in fact, I think it's better to keep it pithy and ease back into things.

I finally broke down and joined Instagram. My friend has a cute kid I wanted to see more of and it's really the only social-networky thing my sister updates on the regular. So why not, I said? Oh, maybe because my phone is not aging well and an additional app my scramble its pea brain? OH WELL, I said.

I can't figure out how to put the instagram'd images here, but here are the original images for you to enjoy.

Look at these mini mitts!
 So great. I've been taking a break from any MAJOR knitting projects and trying to use up some scrap yarn. I'm trying to put these on my front-door wreath and will hang some on my little tree:

Jingle Bells!
 It's finally ok that I whistle "Sleigh Ride" all the time! It's Christmas time, and I'm thrilled.

Droopy G. Robinson
 He looks like an old timey gangster with a cigar, no? Myeah, shee?

This one - no idea. Isn't this the kind of picture you're supposed to take with Instagram? I'm pretty sure that's what it's for. That's what my research tells me, anyway.

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