Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FO: Shawl-ty

Ok, the title of this post kind of fails. I was thinking "shorty" and trying to make a pun... moving on.

I had an unexpected visit to my hometown in Indiana this past weekend because a family member was in the hospital. She seems to have bounced back pretty quickly and we keep checking in with each other, but this gave me time to get in some serious knitting.

I made her some washcloths, which I didn't take photos of, but they were versions of this:
Warsh Clorth

In progress
I was also working on another project: a shawl for a family member of my boyfriend's. I got it finished during a Downtown Abbey viewing with my mom:

The pattern name is Murcia and the yarn was in a bundle I received for Christmas - Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue. Confession: I messed up the lace repeat at the very end, but I'm trying just to gloss over it.This has not yet been blocked, so it will stretch out a bit and look neater in the end.

I'm gearing up for some major projects and I'm excited to share them. But even more than that - I HAVE NEW YARN ON THE WAY! Oh mailman. I'm so excited for your visit.

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